Installation Examples


When StoneSheets® is used for countertops and vanities, it replaces the need for traditional substrates, such as plywood, integrating processes and consolidating steps. We custom cut the best material that suits your applications, finishing the edges for countertops and providing a ready-to-install, finished natural stone product. This includes cutouts for drop-in or undermount sinks and fancy edge selections such as scrolls, or ogee. Depending on the application, if a reverse mitre edge will not be sufficient, we are also able to laminate stone on the edges to provide all the revealed benefits of solid stone, with superior performance at a fraction of the weight. There are nearly no design restrictions when using StoneSheets materials, and the variety of backing and stone combinations allows makes using natural stone easier than ever before.

The light weight and durable results of the finished product, significantly speeds up dispersion and installation, providing practical, as well as environmental benefits. StoneSheets Coutnertops are installed the same way as traditional countertops made with 2cm+ stone material, or using different mechanical bracket designs, Green & Non-Toxic adhesives.

All of the other places where countertop materials are used, such as tables, furniture, and other custom components, can find a functional way of using stone through StoneSheets brand materials. The heavy weight and complicated fabrication that comes with traditional solid stone materials often limits its use; it is impractical and complicated. We are proud to offer this more environmentally beneficial stone material that is easier to work with and install and provides safer, more efficiently spent jobsite time for projects.

All of our materials provide minimal seams to deter mold and eliminate vulnerable grout lines and protect from water penetration, without the structural reinforcement needs or headaches of traditional 2cm+ material .













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