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The different uses for StoneSheets® brand materials continues to expand, with more industries taking advantage of the light weight our solid thin stone solutions. With each application comes different requirements for installation. Whether a traditional use such as exterior cladding, or elevator applications, or where potential need for removal exists, clip systems are a common method of installation. Custom designed clips or familiar ones such as the C-Clamp or Z-Clamp, flush face clips, are readily available to coordinate with StoneSheets® Brand Materials. For permanent adhesion, a wide variety of adhesives are available, with the light weight of the material making for easy, fast installation.

When StoneSheets® materials are used for interior wall applications and countertops, they can often replace traditional substrates, consolidating processes usually necessary with solid stone. Mechanical brackets, or Green & Non-Toxic adhesives, are used to complete the easy installation, making it as reusable as the design allows. Custom clip systems or adhesives are prepared upon request, making the easiest solid stone material in the world to work with and provide optimal installation ability. For custom applications such as yachts, airplanes, and buses, we adjust the material as needed to accommodate designs. We provide additional consulting, if desired, to ensure the most efficient installation occurs.

For countertop remodeling, StoneSheetsLite® and SlimSlabs® install directly over tile or existing countertops, providing value engineered remodeling projects and the thin granite transforms projects without demolition. Some backings also act as extra insurance for shower surround applications or other aquatic environments, providing built-in waterproof substrates, and trim pieces finish any revealed edges in complicated designs. All of our products provide minimal seams to deter mold and eliminate vulnerable grout lines and protect from water penetration, without the structural reinforcement needs or headaches of traditional 2cm+ material.


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