Precision Stone Manufacturing

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Stone Panels and Stone Materials

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Stone Panel Design and Execution

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Backlit Onyx Stone Panel Options

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The highest quality stone fabrication

Stone Block Selections

Unique block selection opportunities afford projects the opportunity to reach budget milestones, without having to eliminate the luxurious look offered by natural stone. We regularly stock over 300 blocks from around the world, and can offer stones in nearly any budget. Ask your representative how we can help you today!


Exterior Cladding & Curtainwalls

From rainscreens to complicated curtainwalls with spider systems, our aluminum honeycomb stone panels coordinate with a multitude of facades and coordinate with column covers and other building details, all made from the same block of stone - it's easy to match components.

Bonded corner aluminum honeycomb stone panel

Custom Panel
Edging and Details

Precision stone panel manufacturing assures quality control and simple installation for building corners. Sharp, crispy edges are not left to the chance of field assembly, and finished panel edge details are available to provide the appearance of solid stone, never revealling the lightweight stone panel substrate.

backlit onyx and semiprecious


The highest quality onyx, and semiprecious material are bonded to various glass or translucent honeycomb options for a consistent, structurally sound application, with even light penetration. Whether LED backlighting or traditional incandescent lighting options are chosen, our Designer Series stone panels transforms instantly to works of art.


What makes us Different

  • Superior technology allows StoneSheets to offer stone panels and materials unavailable anywhere else. Tempered glass, laminated glass, and other specialty glasses and translucent honeycomb materials are able to be bonded to premium onyx and semi-precious stones, while incorporating stringent installation details such as kerf holes, waterjet designs, etchings, and almost anything you can design, we can provide.

  • As the premier manufacturer of stone panels, StoneSheets offer an all-in-one source for projects, ensuring all stone panels coordinate with other stone materials by manufacturing from a block position. Our advanced capabilities range from stone honeycomb panels, waterjet, CNC cuts, sculptures, and more, all made from the same block of stone, so your focus can remain on designing, and rely on StoneSheets for fabrication.

  • StoneSheets is the preferred manufacturer of backlit onyx stone panels because of our capabilities adhering to tough design specifications and structural requirements. We offer a variety of glass options - tempered, laminated, tinted, structural, and more - and the finest quality stone options. Coordinating these panels with our aluminum honeycomb stone panels is easy - ask how we can assist in achieving desired patterns and easing installation processes.

our mission

StoneSheets is changing the way stone is specified and executed on projects to allow more design intentions to come to fruition. Expensive installation cost, value engineering, and simplification of designs are problems project face today in using natural stone; StoneSheets creates options through unique materials, easy installation options and provides ready-to-install options that save projects money, without limiting the design intention or breaking the budget, and increasing the project value because of the ability to incorporate natural stone. Ask one of our representatives today how we can help make your project better!

Steve Smith, Marketing Director