Solid Stone & Sculpted Accessories

Solid Coral Coralina Cladding
Solid Coral Coralina Cladding

Coral stone, often referred to as Coralina, is available in several varieties, and is featured as full thickness cladding with detailed carving trim. This particular stone was quarried in Dominican Republic, but other quarries are also available, which feature more fossils and shells within the stone.

Marble Chair rail
Carved Marble
Chair rail

Chair rail and accent edging can be made from nearly any stone, even the most frail stones can be constructed using one of our premium substrates allowing decorative features anywhere desired. From the most complicated to the most simple, almost any design that can be detailed in a CAD file can be crafted in stone.

White Marble Carved Church Shelves
White Marble Carved Church Shelves

Pontifical applications often require elaborate carvings and engravings, which is at the foundation of StoneSheets Materials' manufacturing skill set. Our proven craftsmanship abilities in this sector made us famous for our policy of manufacturing multiple materials from the same block.

Galala Marble Tub
Solid Galala Marble Bathtub

Solid blocks of marble, this tub made of Galala Marble of Egypt, is carved to the desired tub style. This same process is used for solid stone planters, and can be modified to include delicate details, or kept smooth and simple, as shown here. Ask your representative which stones are available for bathtubs.

Black Granite Decorative Sink
Solid Black Granite Designer Sink

This solid black granite decorative sink is a beautiful example of the detail and craftsmanship we can create from a simple CAD file. StoneSheets starts with a single block of stone, and sculpts and polishes or hones designs to fabricate a work of art that functions as a sink.

Black Granite Carved Vanity
Black Granite Carved Vanity

This designer vanity is carved from a single piece of black granite, encompassing the basi, as well as the countertop into one easy to install piece, with no undermount bonding is required. This unique and prestigous design is avaiable in nearly any stone we offer.

Solid black granite shower base
Solid black granite shower base

This solid black granite shower base features drainage areas carved into the base, ready to install as a single piece. Different designs and patterns are available - nearly any design that can be created in a CAD file. Nearly every stone we offer is available for shower bases.

Solid Marble Statue
Solid Marble Hand-Carved Statue

Starting with a solid block of stone, in this case marble, our finest stone masons sculpt designs of your choice in nearly any size, so long as the block is available for extraction. As some designs require certain stone types, ask your representative today what stones can work with your designs.

cream marfil beige marble interior cladding
crema marfil beige marble interior cladding

Crema Marfil stone was used to individualy sculpt all pieces of this interior wall cladding and fireplace. Each piece was carefully fabricated and edged to complete the overall look of the building being made entirely of solid marble. The finest Crema Marfil marble was selected, with the block being used in its entirety.

Carved Marble Staircase
Carved Solid
Marble Staircase

Carved marble staircases have long since been a form of prestige. This Crema Marfil marble staircase has pillars and railing carved by hand by some of the finest stone masons, and the result was nothing short of perfection. Stair treads and risers featured in solid slabbed stone.

Solid Coral Coralina Flagstone Install
Solid Coral
Flagstone Cladding

While many claddings have sharp edges and crisp lines, this customer wanted flagstone created from blocks of coral to create a natural looking adhesive-applied facade. Flagstones are available to be created from nearly every stone.

Mocha Creme Limestone Sculpted Exterior Wall Cladding
Mocha Creme Limestone Sculpted Cladding

Solid Mocha Creme Limestone was carved and sculpted in large three dimensional curves to create this exterior cladding addition, used in conjunction with our StoneSheets®-TL aluminum honeycomb stone panels for exterior cladding.

patterns and styles

Various patterns and designs are often desired in solid stone facades, and StoneSheets® Materials are able to achieve the same. Our careful craftsmanship offers the ability for our customers to achieve the same looks in our lightweight StoneSheets®-TL panels. Ask your representative what we can complete for you!

Three dimensional designs can carry through multiple panels to achieve a broad perspective design, and simple carvings can be made to display building names or addresses. Nearly anything that can be put into CAD files can be accomplished with our state-of-the-art tooling abilities.

At StoneSheets, we use the finest laser and water jet equipment to execute the most complicated designs, guaranteeing precision and close, sharp attention to edges and pattern details. We welcome any challenge given to us and look forward to demonstrating our mastery of stone carving and design fabrication.



Starting from a block position allows us to offer our customers the most varied types of stone for plethora of applications - all from the same block. Solid caps and covers, bonded panels, solid stone edges, all are able to be accommodated without having to worry about the matching of stone lots. This ensures the materials are extracted from the same position in the quarry for the closest matching color and textures available.