StoneSheets-AL Aluminum Honeycomb Stone Panels

Superior Lightweight Solid Stone Panels

StoneSheets®-AL is our aluminum honeycomb stone panel series, which is available in custom thicknesses of honeycomb - from 5mm to 50mm. This amazing lightweight material allows anchor attachment to the back of the panels for mechanical attachment, which attach redundantly via rivets and adhesive for reliable installation. Panels are cut to size, and provided with edge design as specified. Architects and Engineers can rely upon consistent structural integrity -up to 60 times the strength of solid stone slabs, while the solid stone surface serves as an aesthetic dressing. Never before has solid stone been able to be so reliable and structurally sound.

So many features are available to customize the StoneSheets®-AL panels; nearly anything designed can be achieved. Custom textures and grooved or 3-Dimensional designs continuous throughout multiple panels, bonded corners, solid stone edges, multiple stones and patterns on single panels, as well as additional options like soundproofing and more are available - a much more technologically advanced way to specify and utilize solid stone.


StoneSheets®-AL panels install easily and with lightening speed using pre-attached mechanical anchors that cater specifically to the application. The different thicknesses of honeycomb provide the necessary structural requirements for the project, while allowing solid stone to integrate with nearly any custom specification; unique options like soundproofing are built into the panels as demands require.

StoneSheets®-AL panels, are interior panels, for exterior options, please see the StoneSheets®-TL panels, or click HERE. There are no artificial stone options available, so the same standards that apply to other natural stone applications, apply to StoneSheets®-AL; be sure all related materials comply.

Quality Assured

  • Design assistance and stone consulting is available to ensure projects full potential is maximized and budgets are satisfied.

  • Precision manufacturing ensures even the most complicated designs are completed using the best equipment and stringent guidelines.

  • Stone is selected by hand, ensuring quality standards are met or exceeded.

  • Quality Control Standards are checked in triplicate, during rough production, final production, and at shipping.