StoneSheets Designer Series 05-10

Backlit Stone - Natural Art Features

StoneSheets®-Designer Series is the favorite material of designers everywhere. Onyx typically requires internal structural reinforcement by placing small channels on the backside, to which steel rods are placed within. Those channel reinforcements, as well as the thickness of the material can present challenges with back-lighting, and can corrupt the visual intention of the stone. With StoneSheets®-Designer Series, like other StoneSheets Materials, the substrate acts as the structural responsibility of the material, allowing the responsibility of the stone to be the finish only. As the glass is serving as the structural platform, it is a perfect substrate to allow light to penetrate the stone evenly, balancing the lumen output so the focus can remain on the stone.

While onyx is the most common stone featured in StoneSheets®-Designer Series, other stones allow for the same transparency, which includes several marbles, and our line of semi-precious materials - literally fit for a king or queen. These luxurious semi-precious stones feature some of the most premium jewel quality stones including amethyst, malachite, rose quartz, and more, most of which can be backlit with minimal lumen requirements.

Like our other panels, we prepare StoneSheets®-Designer Series to receive kerfs and mounting hardware via recessed stone (allowing glass to create a structural grip in standard channels), simple holes, or in some of the most unique cases, we have laminated glazing and specialty structural glasses for exterior applications. Our production quality and standards have made us one of the only approved manufacturers for some specialty panels in the world - ask what we can do to execute your creative designs and lighting solutions!


StoneSheets®-Designer Series panels install the same as normal glass applications because remember, with StoneSheets Materials, you rely on the structural integrity of the substrate for your specifications. We handle the difficulty of producing the material to work within your application. For instance, for shower barriers and surrounds, the stone is recessed from the edge of the glass to allow the structural bite of the installation to be on the structural part of the material - the glass.

When StoneSheets®-Designer Series is used on specialty or structural panels, we laminate the stone in a way that compensates for deflection and allows the tolerances of the glasses to express themselves. We book-match or quad-book-match multiple panes of stone on a single pane of glass to allow central flex with deflection. There are no artificial stone options available, so the same standards that apply to other natural stone applications, apply to StoneSheets®-Designer Series, so maintenance of onyx, semi-precious, and precious materials should be taken into consideration when deciding if you will have the stone side or the glass side exposed to elements or traffic interaction. Additional specialty hydrophobic sealers are available for ease of maintenance, which can be applied prior to arrival to site. As your representative about options available, and how best to execute your design intentions.

Quality Assured

  • Design assistance and stone consulting is available to ensure projects full potential is maximized and budgets are satisfied.

  • Precision manufacturing ensures even the most complicated designs are completed using the best equipment and stringent guidelines.

  • Stone is selected by hand, ensuring quality standards are met or exceeded.

  • Quality Control Standards are checked in triplicate, during rough production, final production, and at shipping.